Wall Coverings

ADM is pleased to be an authorized dealer of MEYSTYLE LED wallpaper. Each roll is individually hand-made which enables us to make patterns that are tailor-made to their environment.

Wall Coverings - Metal Qualia

Using unique technology, the LED lights are fully integrated into the material of the wallpaper, allowing it to be hung like any traditional wall covering. Each roll is seamlessly connected to the next, reducing the electrical connection required to just one socket or a single light switch.

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Maria & Ekaterina Yaschuk


It has been more than 10 years since sisters Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk first incorporated 99 LEDs into wallpaper in 2004 and the concept has been constantly refined since. The LEDs are fully integrated into the material of the wallpaper and textiles, allowing them to be used just like any traditional wall-covering or fabric but with the added requirement of an electrical socket or switch. MEYSTYLE integrates traditional crafts materials to compliment Swarovski crystals and LEDs. Some designs are hand-finished with screen printed elements and metallic painting to create a tactile feel.