Interior design can be the hardest and most enjoyable project for condo committees and management when updating and enhancing their communities.

Condo Lobby with Slice Wall Panel Art

“We encourage condo committees to develop broad parameters for what they want to achieve. Projects may range from a single space to a complete interior renovation including lobbies, corridors, and party rooms; and exterior zones from terraces and roof tops to the entry gates, even refacing the façade of a building.” — Andrea McMullen

Condo boards trust the professionals at ADM to listen to their needs and deliver solutions on time and on budget. Would you find value working with experienced professionals? Tell us more!

  • Asset 2 What is the committee's vision?
  • Asset 2 What practical aspects do your residents want out of each area?
  • Asset 2 What age groups and demographics will use each space?
  • Asset 2 Has the condo committee identified any restrictions or safety concerns? (Lighting, handrails, etc.)
  • Asset 2 Have you considered walking paths, seating and mediation zones, shade solutions, and greenery?
  • Asset 2 When was the last renovation done? How long do you expect the next renovation to last?
  • Asset 2 Are you open to creative solutions to maximize your budget?
  • Asset 2 How important is it to increase property values?
Asset 2
Association Of Condominium Managers Of Ontario

ADM is a proud member of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO). Providing professional Interior Design and Renovation expertise to advance the quality of knowledge available to the condominium management profession in Ontario.

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