Fine Art

“Art has always been a part of my life. Far beyond adorning walls I want to share the beauty and joy artwork brings to your soul.” — Andrea McMullen

Fine Art

When Canadian artist Gloria McMullen began at Tecumseth Art Gallery and immersed her children in the world of original art little did she know her youngest daughter Andrea would become an award winning muralist at 19 years of age and go on to become a sought after interior designer.

Artwork in every form — painting, photography, sculpture, rugs, a hand-blown vase — is an integral part of interior design, often dictating the colour scheme, lighting, and furniture placement of an entire room.

“I encourage clients to have at least 1 piece of original art in their homes, regardless if the artist is well known, it speaks to ones soul and shapes the essence of a room.” — Andrea McMullen

At ADM we promote various Canadian artists, offering art consultations and installations. Rentals and commissioned work can also be arranged.

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