Staging Tips

Hire a professional stager! You wouldn’t use an unlicensed real estate agent, so your stager should also have certified credentials, insurance, access to quality furnishings, artwork and décor with an excellent reputation and network of successful real estate agents.

Canadian Staging Professionals
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Andrea McMullen — principal and owner of ADM Design Inc. and member of Canadian Staging Professionals® — along with her team, know how to grab your buyer’s attention, emphasize selling features, open up space, and highlight hidden possibilities to secure the highest purchase price.

Six Staging Tips For A Successful Sale

Getting Started

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Define A Budget

The initial staging consultation will help you determine what amount to invest in staging and monthly rental fees. “We excel in the high-end luxury real estate market,” states Andrea McMullen. “Every dollar our clients invest in their home generates profit they get back. It’s like a second annual income by the time all the work is done in your house. You’ve made $100,000+ by letting someone else do the heavy lifting!”

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Start Packing

This will declutter closets, open up floor space and de-personalize your home so staging can make the greatest impact with a fresh slate.

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Clean, Clean, Clean

Clean as you pack clean every nook and cranny to better determine what needs to be repaired or replaced (grout, faucets, sinks, etc.)

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Where We Step In…

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Properties often require a degree of renovation work before listing. ADM's renovation arm of the business steps in with an in-house team of painters and skilled trades people to tackle awkward floor plans, dated kitchens, leaky bathrooms, remove walls, update floors, install furniture, install lighting, and hang mirrors and art.

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Paint Colour & Art

Before recommending a paint colour, we have the unique position of selecting original artwork from our own curated collection. Emphasis on “own” as these are not rentals we sublet out, but originals and prints from ADM furniture and retail galleries. Every piece of original artwork* used in staging enhances the overall experience and speaks quality to the target demographic purchasing that home.
*Security criteria must be met

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Fresh Décor

Unlike other stagers who may repeat the same tired-looking pieces of furniture, ADM has direct access to the latest furniture and home décor. Once our staging inventory has passed its “best before” date, we repair and donate these items to charity. ADM’s unique staging model is fine-tuned to serve high end luxury listings.

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