Embracing Inspiration: A Personal Journey with ADM Design and Cosentino at the Spring 2024 Living Luxe Show

Come along with me as I share a heartfelt glimpse into ADM Design and Decor’s collaboration with Cosentino at the Spring 2024 Living Luxe Design Show, where luxury design intertwined with innovation in the most captivating way.

Let me invite you to step behind the scenes and witness the magic that unfolded as Andrea, the creative genius behind ADM, embarked on a transformative journey to Spain, CNEXT in Los Cabos, and KBIS in Las Vegas. These experiences weren’t just events; they were wellsprings of inspiration that ignited Andrea’s imagination, shaping a visionary booth that redefined luxury design. The elegant curves, delicate gestures, and the integration of these elements in the fireplace design all stemmed from the inspiration we found through our collaboration with Cosentino.

At the heart of our showcase at the Living Luxe Show were the breathtaking Dekton Rem, Sabia, and Laurent surfaces, each a work of art crafted from our beloved Cosentino products. DEKTON®’s innovative production process, blending over 20 minerals through cutting-edge techniques, yielded a material that surpassed all expectations, offering a superior version highly esteemed in the industry. Its heat resistance allowed us to incorporate the new diamond pattern PITT Cooktop, ensuring easy cleanup and a uniquely sleek look for a modern kitchen. The introduction of the new 4mm Dekton product to clad the kitchen cabinetry was a pivotal touch that brought a sense of elegance and refinement to our design. We aimed to showcase this new style of cladded cabinetry to inspire all who visited our exhibit. The team at Cosentino went the extra mile to expedite the product from Spain for the swift assembly of our booth. Though the setup days were long and challenging, the results spoke for themselves when the booth was unveiled to the judges, making us a favorite among attendees at this prestigious design show.

Cosentino, a global, family-owned company, stands for more than just surfaces; they are about crafting experiences that ignite lives. Their dedication to sustainability and innovation shines through in every design, resonating with individuals on a deeply personal level. By prioritizing accountability and transparency, Cosentino ensures that their products not only enhance spaces aesthetically but also leave a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our partnership with Cosentino at the Living Luxe Show showcased the potency of creativity, dedication, and meaningful collaborations. We are eager to continue exploring new avenues and crafting spaces that redefine the standards of luxury design. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming endeavors and events as we strive to elevate the way people engage with design and decor. For more information, visit our website at www.admdesign.ca and delve into the world of Cosentino at www.cosentino.com/en-ca. Join us on this voyage of inspiration and transformation.

The next leg of this journey promises to be just as thrilling, as we bring all the elements of construction, furniture, and decor to our new ADM Design Model Home at the luxurious Friday Harbour resort in Innisfil. Witness the transformation of this space into a permanent installation that surpasses expectations and leaves every visitor in awe. Reach out for details and stay updated on upcoming events held at the model home – we can’t wait to share this exciting chapter with you.